A Lifetime Spent In Radio

* Radio Caroline. August 1978 - March 1980. DJ on the All Album format station broadcasting to North West Europe on 50,000 watts. Occasional relief on the Top 40 Dutch/Flemish service.
* Greenwich Sound. March 1980 - November 1981. Mid-morning show, Head of Music and Commercial Producer on this cable radio station.
* Greenwich Television. The same cable system as Greenwich Sound. Presenter and Producer of local rock music magazine show for three months.
* BRMB Radio, Birmingham. November 1981 - 1984. Commercial Producer and relief presentation.
* Freelance Voice Over. 1984. A year on the road as a travelling voice over.
* BRMB Radio, Birmingham. 1984 - 1987. Back to BRMB as Commercial Production Manager and weekend presentation.
* Beacon Radio, Wolverhampton. 1987 - 1989. Commercial Production Manager with a staff of six and weekend presentation.
* WABC Radio, Wolverhampton & Shrewsbury. December 1989 - February 1991. Programme Manager and mid-morning show presenter.
* Buzz FM, Birmingham. February 1991 - April 1992. Mid-morning show six days a week.
* BRMB Radio, Birmingham. April 1992 - 1993. All album format show on Friday and Saturday nights, rock show on Sundays.
* Signal Radio, Stoke-on-Trent. 1993. Following Capital Radio's takeover of BRMB and his shows flipping to Love Songs, the weekend Late Show on Signal.
* XTRA am, Birmingham & Coventry. Summer 1994 - Summer 1997. Back to BRMB for weekend presentation on the oldies am service.
* Fosseway Radio, Leicestershire. 1998 - 1999. Accepted a 12 month contract for weekends at a brand new station.
* Radio Caroline. 1999 - June 2013. Back to where it all began, this time on dry land. Remained as an adviser and carried on with "Bob Lawrence's Album Collection" until 2020. Started and ran a succesful campaign for the station to be given an am licence.
* Millennium Radio, South East London. February 2002 - May 2003. The all-speech "Charlton Football Fans Phone-In and Afternoon Drive.
* KMfm, Kent. September 2003. A three month contract to present Afternoon Drive whilst also training up a member of staff to run the group's S&P and Image Producer.
* UDJ Radio. April 2018 - May 2021. Founding member (along with Tony Prince and Mike Read) of United DJs Radio on internet and DAB. Afternoon show before moving to mid-mornings. Programme Director.
*Sunshine Radio Online. November 2021 - March 2022. Presenting 70s Sensation and Bob Lawrence's 70's Album Collection, Friday at 5pm.