Bob Lawrence



Bob was born in Woolwich, South East London and was state school "educated" before a year at Goldsmith's School of Art and Design in London, part of The University of London.



His first love was always radio and so he left Goldsmiths and, literally, ran away to sea to join the legendary Radio Caroline.


Bob's spent all his adult, professional life around broadcasting, microphones and music.

If you're interested in his life as a jobbing Voice Over and want to hear examples of what he does, click on "Voice Over".

His years on the North Sea on a floating radio station are still the cause of much interest. It was an adventure like no other, prompting him to write a book, intertwining fact with fiction. His novel, The Last Great Adventure For Boys, has received many 5 Star reviews on Amazon. Click on "Author" to find out more.

In later years, Bob started and managed a successful campaign to award Radio Caroline a legal licence to broadcast on medium wave. The picture on the left was taken onboard the Caroline ship with MP Tracey Crouch who joined the campaign and was pivotal in its success.

For a chronological look at the radio stations Bob has worked for, click on "A Lifetime In Radio". It doesn't include the many projects he has advised but it'll give you an idea of how he's lived his life.

Song Writing is a grand term, although not as grand as "Author", and it's not quite correct here as Bob doesn't write music, but he does write lyrics. He's also made some recordings which you may be interested in. Not surprisingly, the button to click is "Songs".

Whichever area interests you, just click the appropriate button.

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