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A Lifetime In Radio

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About Bob

Bob was born in Woolwich, South East London and was state school "educated" before a year at Goldsmith's School of Art and Design in London, part of The University of London.


His first love was always radio and so he left Goldsmiths and, literally, ran away to sea to join the legendary Radio Caroline.


Bob's spent all his adult, professional life around broadcasting, microphones and music.​​​​​

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His years on the North Sea on a floating radio station are still the cause of much interest. It was an adventure like no other, prompting him to write a book, intertwining fact with fiction. His novel, The Last Great Adventure For Boys, has received many 5 Star reviews on Amazon. Click on "Author" to find out more.


In later years, Bob started and managed a successful campaign to award Radio Caroline a legal licence to broadcast on medium wave. The picture on the right was taken onboard the Caroline ship with MP Tracey Crouch who joined the campaign and was pivotal in its success.

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Through The Years
1978 to Today
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* Radio Caroline. August 1978 - March 1980. DJ on the All Album format station broadcasting to North West Europe on 50,000  watts. Occasional relief on the Top 40 Dutch/Flemish service.

* Greenwich Sound. March 1980 - November 1981. Mid-morning show, Head of Music and Commercial Producer on this cable  radio station.

* Greenwich Television. The same cable system as Greenwich Sound. Presenter and Producer of local rock music magazine show for three months.

* BRMB Radio, Birmingham. November 1981 - 1984. Commercial Producer and relief presentation. Freelance Voice Over. 1984. A year on the road as a travelling voice over.

* BRMB Radio, Birmingham. 1984 - 1987. Back to BRMB as Commercial Production Manager and weekend presentation.

* Beacon Radio, Wolverhampton. 1987 - 1989. Commercial Production Manager with a staff of six and weekend presentation.

* WABC Radio, Wolverhampton & Shrewsbury. December 1989 - February 1991. Programme Manager and mid-morning show presenter.

* Buzz FM, Birmingham. February 1991 - April 1992. Mid-morning show six days a week.

* BRMB Radio, Birmingham. April 1992 - 1993. All album format show on Friday and Saturday nights, rock show on Sundays.

* Signal Radio, Stoke-on-Trent. 1993. Following Capital Radio's takeover of BRMB and his shows flipping to Love Songs,  the weekend Late Show on Signal.

* XTRA am, Birmingham & Coventry. Summer 1994 - Summer 1997. Back to BRMB for weekend presentation on the

oldies am service.

* Fosseway Radio, Leicestershire. 1998 - 1999. Accepted a 12 month contract for weekends at a brand new station.

* Radio Caroline. 1999 - June 2013. Back to where it all began, this time on dry land. Remained as an adviser and carried on 

with "Bob Lawrence's Album Collection" until 2020. Started and ran a successful campaign for the station to be given an am 


* Millennium Radio, South East London. February 2002 - May 2003. The all-speech "Charlton Football Fans Phone-In" and  Afternoon Drive.

* KMfm, Kent. September 2003. A three month contract to present Afternoon Drive whilst also training up a member of staff to  run the group's S&P and Image Producer.

* UDJ Radio. April 2018 - May 2021. Founding member (along with Tony Prince and Mike Read) of United DJs Radio on

internet and DAB. Afternoon show before moving to mid-mornings. Programme Director.

* Sunshine Radio Online. November 2021 - March 2022. Presenting 70s Sensation and Bob Lawrence's 70's Album Collection,  Friday at 5pm.

* Fantasy Radio 97fm, Devizes, Wiltshire. December 10th 2022 - Current. Bob Lawrence's Album Collection, Saturday 8 - 11pm.   Also on catch-up/listen again by clicking here.

* Dales Radio 103 & 104 FM & 936 AM, Yorkshire Dales. August 6th 2023 - Current. Seventies Senstaion, Sunday 12 - 2pm. Also on catch-up/listen again by clicking here.

* Viva FM 104.4  Paphos, Cyprus.  March 9th 2024 - Current. Saturday 9am - 12pm (7am - 10am UK).

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Bob Lawrence's  Album Collection

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Saturdays 20:00 - 23:00 (UK) on FM, Online or here on Catch-up

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70s Sensation


Bob Lawrence Plays Them All

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