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Whilst working at sea aboard Radio Caroline, Bob enjoyed the time of his life. He still looks back very fondly on those days, even going as far as to say that the experience played a major part in moulding the human being he his today.

During his time in the North Sea, the station suddenly went off the air due to an apparent terminal generator failure. The station remained off air for six months but Bob stayed with the station throughout the time off the air, staying aboard the ship waiting for the problem to be solved. To this day that whole period remains shrouded in mystery, many of the people actually involved claim either not to know quite why the radio station stayed off air for so long, or they refuse to speak about it. Bob is one of those who claims not to know. Instead of talking about this period, he wrote a novel inspired by events at sea. Some of the events in the book actually happened, some are pure fantasy and Bob’s tight-lipped about what is fact and what is fiction. He does admit that, even though the book’s main character is a Radio Caroline DJ called Bob, it’s not an autobiography and some of “Bob’s” experiences and characteristics are complete fiction.


The result is The Last Great Adventure for Boys. Bob says that he set out to write a book which good be enjoyed by anybody, whether they had an interest in radio or not.

Bob is a painter and decorator in south east London in the late seventies. He loves Charlton Athletic, old war films and listening to Radio Caroline, a pirate radio station in the North Sea. By pure chance, he gets a job decorating the flat of the station’s manager, the beautiful Olga. In the right bed at the right time, he is given the opportunity to leave the paint roller behind and pick up the headphones on the pirate ship. Avoiding arrest is just the beginning, avoiding death is somewhere in the middle and at the end, he faces the ultimate price. Based heavily on the author's real life experiences working on Radio Caroline, this is a tale of love, hate, fear, joy, betrayal, guns, sex, drugs and rock n roll; they all play a part in The Last Great Adventure for Boys.

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