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Audio Production

Radio Promo Medley P1
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Radio Promo Medley P2
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Radio Promo Medley P3
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Radio Promo Medley P4
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Podcast Audio. Post producing raw audio
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From Maidstone To Marbella
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At around the same time that Bob began thinking of "doing" radio himself, he heard the Dave Edmunds hit recording of Baby I Love You. When he was told that the artist not only played every instrument and sang every vocal himself, but had also twiddled all the studio knobs, his imagination went into overdrive.


Messing around with tapes and audio became his passion, alongside actually making radio shows. "The two things were actually one thing in my mind. When I got my first gig on Caroline I was lucky enough to work with a bloke called Tony Allan who shared my enthusism for production. I learned so much from him".


Throughout his career Production and Presenting have always run alongside each other. This is a collection of some of Bob's audio creations.

Take a listen to Bob's full length documentary produtions. Tap the Mixcloud logo. 

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Documentary Type Production

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Bob Lawrence


Bob wrote and published a novel

during 2014. Titled,The Last Great Adventure for Boys.


Bob Lawrence

Voice Over

As heard on countless brands

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"Being a good VO means that people don't notice your voice, they're too busy listening to you". Bob Lawrence.

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